– KUTX Austin Music Minute

“The Austin-based quartet curates a unique sound connecting the music they grew up with sounds from around the world, inspired by their travels. Imagine blues, folk and soul done through a global, multi-lingual perspective. That’s the magic right there.”          



–We Are Austin, CBS Austin 

“Transcending language and genre, the ladies of Ley Line create a sound that is grounded and truly unique, not to mention beautiful.”



international tour recognition 





–Old Settlers Music Festival

“Field Notes is a combination of original songs and world music pulsing with vibrant acoustic soul.”  




–The Chonicle

“Ley Line commits charm to soothing Latin American soundscapes...The quartet constantly educates itself on and connects with the communities they're playing for."




- The Music Enthusiast, Dallas TX

“Ley Line’s new single is representative of their travels, subtle traces of their folk roots still being audible, though much more evident is a type of world music, one that heavily incorporates a style associated with Latin America. “Respiração” fits into that world music category quite well, splicing together the quartet’s North and South American influences in a spellbinding manner.

What Ley Line specializes in is a unique style of music. They aren’t trying to redefine music, though they are striving to make something that’s refreshingly different and highly creative. Something that is unlike most things you’re apt to hear”        


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