“The Austin-based quartet curates a unique sound connecting the music they grew up with sounds from around the world, inspired by their travels. Imagine blues, folk and soul done through a global, multi-lingual perspective. That’s the magic right there.”
— KUTX Austin Music Minute
“Ley Line commits charm to soothing Latin American soundscapes …The quartet constantly educates itself on and connects with the communities they’re playing for.”
— The Austin Chronicle
“Transcending language and genre, the ladies of Ley Line create a sound that is grounded and truly unique, not to mention beautiful.”
— We Are Austin, CBS Austin
“The four women of Austin who call themselves Ley Line Line sing a folky mixture of cross cultural multilingual music that fuses the light feel of buskers on the street with the singer songwriter chops of Gillian Welch or Neko Case. “
— Jennifer Levin of the Santa Fe New Mexican
“Su música es un camino en donde van apareciendo paisajes sonoros de distintas naturalezas. El mar se hace presente…y vemos como se van escribiendo los versos en la arena. Ley Line rompe las fronteras a travéz de su ritmo y su palabra, como aves que multiplican su voz para atravesar los cielos. [El grupo] se refleja un mensaje de amor que florece en los anchos y sagrados caminos de la tierra, caminos hechos para encontrarnos y abrazarnos como humanidad.”
“Their music moves you through a variety of soundscapes and nature. The ocean is present, and you can see their lyrics written in the sand. Ley Line breaks down borders through rhythm and lyric, in the way that birds sing together to travel the skies. They share a message of love that flowers along the wide and sacred paths across the Earth, paths on which we discover and embrace our humanity.”
— Pedro Morales of Monterrey, MX
Ley Line on the Good-times Stage at Utopia Festival 2018

Ley Line on the Good-times Stage at Utopia Festival 2018