Ley Line

Brazil tour 

Ley Line completed their second self-managed international tour through Brazil in 2017. From June to August, the band traveled 3,000 miles across the country and was hosted by more than thirty venues between Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul and Recife, Pernambuco. The venues were very diverse, including performances at cultural centers, bars, restaurants, and even shows for children in private schools and favelas. Influences of traditional folklore from Northeast Brazil are woven throughout their first album, Field Notes, and the band returned on a mission not only to share their music, but to study more in depth the cultures and rhythms in Brazil and carry that inspiration into a new album.  Below are live videos filmed and produced by Ley Line and Lougan Pedro documenting live performances and video updates from the journey. In addition to these video clips, the group doubled as a production team in gathering a more artistic perspective behind the camera recording footage for the visual album planned for release in 2019. Find more about the VISUAL ALBUM. 


Updates videos from the road