“Transcending language and genre, the ladies of Ley Line create a sound that is grounded and truly unique, not to mention beautiful.”
We Are Austin, CBS Austin  

“The first time I saw Ley Line I knew they were really something special. Their luscious harmonies and instrumentation can be described with one word: divine. They will go far in their career and Austin is lucky to have them here in the local world music scene.”
-Heather Wagner Reed of Juice Consulting

“Ley Line’s Field Notes is a collection of songs that seem to be taken straight from the American soul of the everyday woman and man. The stories and music bring to the imagination a sense of the Americas as a borderless expanse, where influence can come from the peoples and traditions of any corner. The instrumentation is beautifully diverse and only matched by harmonies from voices that seem fated to sing, play, and travel together.”
-Collin Fidler of Oh Boy Records – Nashville, TN

“Ley Line’s debut album Field Notes is an eloquent and emotive combination of acoustic soul and multicultural music, the likes of which can only be topped by their intimate live performances.”
-Zack Luckin of WICB Homebrew Radio – Ithaca, NY

“Su música es un camino en donde van apareciendo paisajes sonoros de distintas naturalezas. El mar se hace presente…y vemos como se van escribiendo los versos en la arena. Ley Line rompe las fronteras a travéz de su ritmo y su palabra, como aves que multiplican su voz para atravesar los cielos. [El grupo] se refleja un mensaje de amor que florece en los anchos y sagrados caminos de la tierra, caminos hechos para encontrarnos y abrazarnos como humanidad.” 
“Their music moves you through a variety of soundscapes and nature. The ocean is present, and you can see their lyrics written in the sand. Ley Line breaks down borders through rhythm and lyric, in the way that birds sing together to travel the skies. They share a message of love that flowers along the wide and sacred paths across the Earth, paths on which we discover and embrace our humanity.”
-Pedro Morales of Monterrey, MX

International Tour Recognition:

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